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Peerview is a method of self-reflection and peer coaching for curious leaders.

“The most powerful quality of a leader is their ability to self-reflect.”

— Dirk Gouder

Peerview invites you to think in novel and unconventional ways about a specific issue at hand. It offers 100 short nudges or oblique strategies on each of the topics of leadership, change management, and agile. Many of the nudges are supported by short videos. These nudges never give you a solution. They may provide a direction to think about and to build your own solution. Where these thoughts lead you is up to you.

Why do we do this?

First, because in leadership and collaboration, most approaches are highly occasional. We cannot know today which topic will be relevant tomorrow. Therefore, you choose which of the 100 nudges per topic may be relevant to your specific situation.

Second, because in leadership and collaboration, most solutions are highly context-dependent. What works there, may not work here. Therefore, we keep the nudges abstract and count on your ability to explore their meaning in your context.

Third and foremost, because we believe that our users are mature people who don’t like to be told by an app what to do.

Peerview is even more powerful when used in groups.

What Leaders Are Saying

“I like to use Peerview to enrich my ways of thinking when looking for solutions or checking the robustness of solutions.”

— Fred Wenger, CEO Bedag

“Every once in a while I am faced with a challenge that makes me ponder. When I flip through the deck of cards, I always come upon a card that points me to a different way of seeing the problem and thus lets me develop possible solutions more easily. The good thing is that I can discuss with myself by means of the cards and it's possible to use Peerview even without a conversation partner.”

— Iris Wallowy, Release Train Engineer, Baloise

“I have found completely novel perspectives. At the same time, the process was totally appreciative.”

— Nicole Reisinger, Head of Sales and Purchasing, Member of Executive Committee, EWL

“In our internal Open Space events (Open X Days), we are holding regular Peerview sessions. It is impressive how quickly new perspectives can be developed. For me, Peerview is a very lightweight yet effective peer coaching tool.”

— Sonja Hof, Transformation Catalyst, Baloise Group
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Meet The Team

Bernhard Sterchi

Bernhard Sterchi


Bernhard is the creator behind all Peerview content. A thought sorter, brainwave oscillator, Möglichkeitsraumpfleger, he is Managing Partner of Palladio, Basel. An expert in complexity oriented leadership, he trains, coaches and consults leaders and organisations to thrive in an unpredictable world.

Rahel Lüthy

Rahel Lüthy


Rahel is the developer behind Peerview. A theoretical biologist by education, her eternal curiosity led from evolutionary dynamics to software development, with a particular focus on data visualization and scientific decision support systems. Rahel is currently a research associate and lecturer at FHNW.

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